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Equipment, Systems, Processes, People, Buildings, Infrastructure, Cities – You can twin them on all in Twinit

Take control

Take control

By choosing Twinit as your platform, you will establish a common technology stack and a standardized delivery framework for all your applications, with interoperability across them by design. Lowering time to value, reducing total cost of ownership and risk.

The total cost of ownership to develop, maintain, host, secure and manage multiple disparate Apps can be very high and will create vendor lock in. Twinit can change that.

Accellerate innovation 2

Accelerate innovation

Enterprises need flexible solutions that can address both horizontal and vertical business unit KPI’s, whilst not being constrained by the lack of skills in-house and across the wider market. 

The composability of Twinit increases velocity, while reducing demand on the skills needed to deliver Digital Twin enabled Applications.

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