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What role do systems integrators play in the digital twin economy?

Digital Twin enabled applications are bespoke to each enterprise, solving problems, and creating new opportunities. It is not a product play. Systems integrators bring industry specific expertise, consult clients and implement solutions that make a perfect fit.

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Twinit enables vast and varied Digital Twin enabled Apps for multiple industry sectors, and enterprises with unique business drivers

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Twinit provides you with a compelling, simpler, and profitable path to developing cloud native digital twin enabled Apps

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Twinit provides you a sandbox for development and testing, and a production environment for staging and delivering your App(s). You don’t have to worry about infrastructure.

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Software skills for creating Apps on Twinit would be limited to JavaScript, JSON, and React

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Your Twinit App is created by writing scripts, and can be easily re-composed and customised for every project

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You can also create a catalogue of App modules, and provide low-code configurators that enable enterprises and systems integrators to compose customised solutions

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You may choose to publish your Apps, or your catalogue of App modules to the Twinit Marketplace

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