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Empowering teams to innovate fast, at a lower total cost of ownership

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Twinit Platform as a Service

Develop, test and deploy your Apps without concerning yourself with infrastructure hardware or software. Shorten time to value.

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Dedicated Twinit instance

Deploy and manage Twinit in your own hyperscale account. Build, deploy and manage your Apps in your dedicated environment.

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Your branding, your IP

Whatever you build on Twinit is your IP. You choose if it is solely for your own use, or available for others to use through the Twinit Marketplace.

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Bridge the skill gap

Build sophisticated cloud native enterprise Apps with just JavaScript, JSON and React. Your scripts configure Twinit’s services to meet the demands of your Apps.

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Flexible, Faster & Cheaper

Twinit enables Apps to be composed up to 5x faster. Delivering agility and speed to your digital transformation efforts at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Quick start

Twinit Academy provides self-lead courses, access to developer documentation, tools and code modules, reference applications, development sandbox and more.

The Hard Way v The Twinit Way

Digital Twins can power vast and varied applications addressing problems across many domains. What are the alternative paths to implementing them?

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